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Wedding Day

The I do's

  • 8 hr
  • Beginning at 2,600
  • Outdoor Locations Vary

Service Description

It's your wedding night and you're dishing out your best dance moves on the dance floor. You hear your name being called across the room, as you turn to look your best friend begins the sprinkler while your other friend starts doing the worm. You look back to realize you missed it. You glance over and see me with my camera cheering your team on as I capture the fun. That's why you booked with me! Your wedding day is filled with special moments; moments that you'll never forget and moments that you might not catch. Organized and on time, from beginning to end. I'll make sure you and your loved ones will have fun while creating moments to look back on again and again.

Contact Details

(719) 431-0087

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